Breast Fat Grafting in Draper, UT

Saline or silicone implants are both popular options when it comes to breast augmentation, but they aren't the only choices you have. At Maglic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dino Maglic is pleased to offer breast fat grafting. Also known as breast fat transfer, this innovative approach to breast augmentation uses fat taken from your own body to add volume and contour to the breasts, creating a more curvaceous figure. If you want to restore or improve the appearance of your breasts but aren't sure about implants, breast fat grafting at our Draper, UT practice might be the solution you're looking for. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Maglic to learn more about this unique procedure.

Breast fat grafting is performed at our Draper, UT practice in two parts. To start, Dr. Maglic will make a small incision and insert the VASER® liposuction probes, which break down fat using ultrasound waves. There are many potential targets for VASER® liposuction, including the stomach, sides, thighs, arms, and almost anywhere you have unwanted fat. The disrupted fat will be drawn out and purified before being injected into the breasts to add volume and curves. Because the filler is derived from your own body, there are minimal risks of side effects or negative reactions. An added benefit is that fat grafting delivers a more natural look and feel than implants. Mild bruising and swelling are common after a breast fat graft, but these will pass in time.

Silicone and saline implants are both effective choices for breast augmentation, but not everyone prefers the feel they give or the potential scars left behind on the breasts. Breast fat grafting offers a solution for these challenges with benefits that include:

  • Reduces the risk of side effects or complications
  • Crafts a curvier, more voluptuous body shape
  • Augmentations look and feel more natural than synthetic options
  • Creates rounder, fuller breasts
  • Removes stubborn fat from areas where you don't want it

Breast fat grafting offers a more natural breast augmentation option for Draper, UT women who are unsatisfied with their curves or want to regain their old figure. If you desire a modest increase in breast volume and have some areas of fat you'd like to have reduced, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maglic at Maglic Plastic Surgery to learn about breast fat grafting. Our team is committed to helping you find the solution that will give you the body you want.

Great experience with dr. Maglic, and his staff. I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago that had already bottomed out. After seeing dr maglic I discovered that the implants selected were too wide for my body, he was able to replace my implants with some more suited to my body and give me a mini lift. So happy with my results and experience.

C.R. Google

At first, I was apprehensive to go with Dr. Maglic for the sole purpose that he was the newest Dr. to the clinic. However, I am so happy that I chose him as my doctor for my breast augmentation. He was nothing but professional, credible, and knowledgeable on this procedure. He did a great job at answering any questions or concerns I had, and helped me decide a size that would work best for my body type. I was nervous to get any type of cosmetic surgery done, but in the end, I’m so happy I did! I am 100% satisfied with the way they look and it has changed my life for the better. I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten the same results going to anyone else.

C.I. Google

Love Dr.Dino maglic!! I got breast augmentation 3 weeks ago with Dr.Dino Maglic . Loved the results. He did amazing job on my breast augmentation. His staff are so kind. Highly recommend

S.J. Google

Dr. Maglic was amazing. He was easy to talk to and very helpful. Answered any and all questions I had. I had a lift with subfascial breast augmentation. My recovery has been so incredibly easy!!!

A.B. Google


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