Breast Augmentation in Draper, UT

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure aimed at resizing the breasts to create a rounder, fuller appearance. It's one of the most highly demanded cosmetic surgeries on the market, offering women who are unhappy with their breast size a chance to attain the figure they want. With the help of implants or fat from the patient's body, this procedure improves breast shape and size, creating a beautiful and youthful outcome. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Dino Maglic has extensive training in performing breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation at our Draper, UT office, Dr. Maglic will learn all about the look you're trying to create and educate you on all of your available choices before building a custom treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Set up your consultation at Maglic Plastic Surgery to start your transformation.

Before starting your breast augmentation, Dr. Maglic will consider the type of incision needed and the right placement. During the procedure, an incision is created, and then the implant is slipped into its position. There are several techniques that may be chosen for implant placement. These are either under the pectoral muscle or submammary/subglandular placement (over the pec muscle). Where to insert the breast implant depends on varying factors, including the type and degree of implant enlargement. No matter where the incision is placed, scarring is generally minimal. Implant placement is determined based on your body type, implant size, and lifestyle.

Breast augmentation at Maglic Plastic Surgery offers an effective and customizable solution for Draper, UT patients who want to enhance their overall figure. Some of the benefits of this surgery include:

  • Enhances breast size and volume
  • Offers noticeable, long-lasting outcomes
  • Reconstructs breasts following a mastectomy
  • Increases confidence and self-image
  • Helps with restoring breasts changed by motherhood, aging, or rapid weight loss
  • Eliminates asymmetrical breast shape

There are several approaches to breast augmentation. During your consultation, Dr. Maglic will go over the details of each one, including their benefits. Your breast implant placement choices include:

  • Submuscular: With this approach, the implants are positioned under the breast tissue and pectoral muscle. The advantages of submuscular implants include a more natural look and reduced wrinkling (called "rippling").
  • Subglandular: Subglandular placement positions the implants under the breast glands but on top of the chest muscle. This technique offers a faster recovery than other approaches and doesn't interfere as much with muscle movement, making it an attractive option for more active patients.
  • Subfascial: This approach involves placing the implants under the fascia, the membrane that covers the pectoral muscle. The benefits of this position include added support and a more comfortable recovery period.

There's a reason why breast augmentation is such a popular surgery — it offers noticeable enhancements with minimal scarring or downtime. With numerous augmentation options, you can have the appearance you have always wanted. Maglic Plastic Surgery is excited to offer this proven treatment, and we invite you to learn more. Contact Maglic Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Maglic.

Dr Maglic is hands down one of the best plastic surgeons in the state of Utah. His attention to detail and patient care are second to none. He revised a tummy tuck for me and it looks 100 times better than the first doctor that did it. I also have a few friends that have had breast augmentations with him and we all agree that there isn’t another doctor we would go to.

K.R. Google

Dr. Maglic was extremely caring and answered all my questions. It was a joy working with him and his team through my breast augmentation.

C.D. Google

At first, I was apprehensive to go with Dr. Maglic for the sole purpose that he was the newest Dr. to the clinic. However, I am so happy that I chose him as my doctor for my breast augmentation. He was nothing but professional, credible, and knowledgeable on this procedure. He did a great job at answering any questions or concerns I had, and helped me decide a size that would work best for my body type. I was nervous to get any type of cosmetic surgery done, but in the end, I’m so happy I did! I am 100% satisfied with the way they look and it has changed my life for the better. I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten the same results going to anyone else.

C.I. Google

Dr. Maglic was amazing. He was easy to talk to and very helpful. Answered any and all questions I had. I had a lift with subfascial breast augmentation. My recovery has been so incredibly easy!!!

A.B. Google

Dr. Maglic restored my daughter’s confidence with a beautiful breast reduction! After being uncomfortable with her breast size, we decided to move forward with her surgery. It warms a Mothers heart to see her so happy and confident in her results. Dr. Maglic took the time to educate us on the process from beginning to end. The office staff is always so welcoming and puts you at ease. I would recommend him 💯! After our experience and amazing results, I am also considering some “refurbishing” for myself and will definitely use his work of art when it’s time.😁

C.M. Google


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How much does breast augmentation cost?

The total cost of breast augmentation surgery can vary based on your goals and if you are having any other surgeries at the same time. After building your surgical plan, we will go over estimated costs and financing. To make sure you are happy with your results and they last a long time, it's better to focus on working with a qualified surgeon rather than the cheapest provider.

Do I need a breast lift or augmentation?

Your plan may include breast augmentation, a breast lift, or both. Breast lift surgery removes loose skin and raises the position of the breasts, while augmentation addresses the shape and size of the breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Maglic will listen to your needs and goals before discussing your best treatment options. Depending on your aesthetic goals and your body's condition, you may benefit from mommy makeover surgery, which can combine breast enhancement with other surgeries for a more comprehensive transformation.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

It's usually possible to breastfeed after augmentation surgery, depending on the surgical technique and the placement of the implants. If you want to be able to breastfeed after your surgery, talk to Dr. Maglic about this during your consultation. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your results, which is why it is best to wait until after you are done having children to have breast augmentation.

Can I have my implants removed later?

Breast implants can be removed with breast revision surgery. In revision surgery, your current implants will be either replaced with new implants or removed entirely. If you choose to have your implants removed, you may need to have excess skin removed, as larger implants can stretch your skin. If you have any questions or concerns after your augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation at Maglic Plastic Surgery to discuss your options.

Do implants cause breast cancer?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). This is not breast cancer; it is a cancer of the immune system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), implant-related ALCL is very rare and often very treatable if identified early. Dr. Maglic encourages all patients with breast implants to get regular screenings for breast cancer. You should contact Maglic Plastic Surgery if you see any concerns, such as swelling.

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